Oregon Trail


In Oregon Trail you lead a small group westward across the US in search of a better life. As the leader, you’re able to choose your profession, the party’s pace, what to do at obstacles, what to buy at villages, and other actions that could dictate whether you survive the excursion or not. We made the interface more attractive than before, adjusted the town names, and included additional events.

This game was developed by a group of four students as the final project in CS 2340 Object-Oriented Design. We were asked to recreate the original Oregon Trail using the SmallTalk programming language. SmallTalk is wholly Object-Oriented and was an obstacle itself because of its learning curve. Although the SmallTalk IDE provides a custom window creator, our team created each window from scratch earning the title as the best-looking project in the entire class!

Download the Executable | Download the Design Document

My Roles

Team Lead: Distribute tasks, keep team on track, schedule meetings, push for quality and completeness.
Designer: Direct game aesthetics, prepare design documents.
Programmer: Assist with domain coding and debugging final code.