Interfaced is a flash based game where players must use non-traditional techniques to overcome puzzles and obstacles. Not only does the player have the ability to interact with the environment though their avatar, the interface that is normally used solely for informative reasons is now present in the game world, becoming a tool at the player’s disposal. We were hoping to create a unique, enjoyable experience by breaking conventions and presenting new ways to think about the game world (inside and out).

Interfaced was developed by a group of six students as a project in LCC 4725 Game Design as a Cultural Practice (taught by Professor Celia Pearce). We finished an early build that was submitted to the 2010 Independent Games Festival student showcase.

You can view our team wiki here.

My Roles

Project Manager: Responsible for making sure that team members adhere to a schedule and meet deadlines for each deliverable (IGF and Turn-in) while being the primary contact for the group.
Programmer: Helped fix bugs in the ActionScript code and scripted levels in XML.