Goop is a 2.5-D side-scroller where the player must use a ‘Goop Gun’ to solve platforming puzzles and avoid enemies. Is there a spinning platform that you must use to cross a pitfall? Shoot some goop on it and stick yourself to it! Annoying enemy in your way? Stick it to the wall for an easy pass! This game was developed for CS 4455 Video Game Design class within a matter of three weeks. We used the C4 game engine with PhysX integration.

Below you can view a picture of the initial prototype built with Processing. With this build were able to gather valuable data from testers that helped form the final design for the completed game.

My Roles

Team Lead: Scheduled meetings, pitched game to class, presented prototype, and drove product quality.
Lead Design: Developed game idea and core mechanics, designed and built levels, and created assets.
Programmer: Assisted in programming (final game & prototype) and helped in learning the game engine.