Mermaids is set in an underwater world in which players take the roles of hatchlings coming to life in the ruins of a long-extinct mermaid culture. The over-arching goal and storyline is to rebuild their lost culture and reclaim the various skills and cultural practices (such as magic), while at the same time trying to avoiding the mistakes that caused the extinction of their ancestors. Players will quickly discover that in order to survive, they must also revive the damaged ecosystem, and ultimately learn to work with it in a harmonious fashion.  (

Mermaids is a research project advised by Professor Celia Pearce under the Emergent Game Group umbrella. I joined the group at the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester with an interest in game production. I worked as Project Manager to restructure the management pipeline to resemble a modified Scrum scheme so that features can be streamlined and delivered on a timely basis, team members will never be out-of-the-loop without things to do, and future researchers and developers will have a backlog to build upon.

My Role

Project Manager: Keep track of deliverables and team members, facilitate communication between teams, establish milestones, update backlog, and assist with asset creation.