5 Boroughs


5 Boroughs is a Unity MMORPG based in 1930-1960’s America (with a New York City look and feel) utilizing the Unity game engine. Players control newly docked immigrants looking to make a name for themselves. While climbing up the social, political, and economical ladders, players will not only direct their character’s progress, but that of the world at large. We’re hoping to create a fun and attractive game that provides learning opportunities using the historical context and events.

5 Boroughs is a research project under the Emergent Game Group umbrella (the same organization that Mermaids is under). I started working on this game as Project Manager / Scrum Master in the spring semester of 2010 (as my Senior Design Project) and plan to continue until I graduate in December of 2010 (undergraduate research). I was placed in charge of reorganizing the development process to resemble an agile/scrum setup. You can visit the project’s website here.

My Role

Scrum Master: Track progress of a number of student game developers, facilitate communication between teams, hold meetings to asses efficiency, establish milestones, and remove blockers.