Bug Juice


Bug Juice is a mobile augmented reality game being developed by a team of four student developers at Georgia Tech’s Augmented Environments lab. In its simplest form, Bug Juice will allow a player to point their phone’s camera at a juice box on which virtual bugs will start crawling. It is up to the player to use their magnifying glass (the phone itself) to burn the bugs before they reach the top of the juice box. Click here to visit the Augmented Environments Lab site.

We are working in conjunction with Qualcomm, so much of the technology we have access to is unreleased which will allow us to pave the way for the future of mobile AR gaming.

My Role

Producer: Prioritize, delegate, and track tasks that will create the final demo – and eventually a polished, releasable game – plan and execute playtesting, make design decisions that improve gameplay and usability.