Your Future Life


Your Future Life is a machinima piece created in LCC 2730 Constructing a Moving Image. This project was educational in two respects: for one, we learned more about cinematic essentials (lighting, mise-en-scene, camera angle), while also gaining valuable experience with modeling in Maya and level building in the Unreal Engine. Our movie starts as a flashback to the shows of the 1950’s that promised the luxuries of the future with the purchase of certain products, but ends in a surprising twist.

All models, minus the characters and final environment, were created by the team using Maya. We also wrote and revised scripts and drafted storyboards to prepare each shot. Overall it was a very fun and educational project from start to finish.

My Roles

Director: Develop initial concept and decide ultimate direction of film.
Modeler: Assisted in creating models used in the film.
Voice Work: Recorded narrator’s lines.
Engine Technician: Placed, sized, and animated models inside the game engine.
Editor: Used iMovie to cut/edit movie for content and audio synch.