Zelda: Reloaded


Link has saved the world once again, but is now bored out of his mind. So bored, in fact, that he decides to exact revenge on the chickens that once tormented him. With shotgun in hand, Link ventures to the fields of Hyrule with one thing in mind: destroy the chickens! In Zelda: Reloaded, Players take control of Link as he searches Hyrule for chickens to kill – fans of the series will know, those chickens are relentless!?

Zelda: Reloaded was independently developed as a final project in CS 2261 Media Device Architecture. The objective of the assignment was to learn the affordances and restrictions presented by the Game Boy Advance (such as sprites, animation, collision maps, splash screens, etc). The game takes place over two levels recognizable by those familiar with Link to the Past.

My Role

Programmer, Designer, Artist, Audio, etc…